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Who is Generation Extinction?

Who is Generation Extinction?  We all are…but we don’t have to be.

Endangered chimpanzees in Africa

Our generation has a choice.  In our lifetime, half the world’s species could face extinction.  We can stand by, or we can take a stand.

Ecosystems like wetlands, rainforests and  grasslands are rapidly being logged or clear cut and replaced with agricultural fields and livestock.  Coral reefs are overfished and damaged.  The generations alive today, especially youth, can preside over the greatest loss of habitat and species in humanity’s history or they can take a stand to halt the destruction. 

The endangered African cheetah

So It’s Up To Us

We can stand by as species continue to be wiped off the globe.  Or we can be the generation that helps save our planet’s imperiled wildlife and the natural habitats they need to survive.  The natural habitats we protect during our lifetimes may well determine the survival of many of the world’s species.


Amazon rainforest frog

Join Us

Let’s not stand by and watch the destruction of the world’s last tigers, elephants, gorillas, and sea turtles.  Our voices can convince world leaders to do more to save the rainforests, coral reefs, savannahs, freshwater and other habitats that  so many amazing and wonderful creatures depend on for their survival – including us!  Take action »